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Angelina Azinheira Translations

Professional Translation Services

Angelina Azinheira - Translations  provides its clients with certified translation and interpretation services which stand out with the following:

   1. TRANSLATION QUALITY - due to a vast professional experience and multicultural background.

   2. REVISION - carried out by a native speaker of the target language and a specialist in a given field - a lawyer, an economist, an engineer.

   3. FLEXIBILITY - urgent deliveries.
   4. COMPETITIVE PRICES - there are discounts for regular clients and for projects of over 3000 words.


Languages and Expertise:

The main working languages are English, Portuguese and Bulgarian along with partnerships of Spanish, French

and German translators. We carry out translations in the following fields: 

  • Finance and banking (annual reports and accounts)

  • Certificates (diplomas, birth/marriage/death certificates, criminal records, medical records, curricula vitae)

  • Law (employment contracts, certificates of incorporation, articles of association, powers of attorney, deeds, sale/purchase                            agreements, contracts, lawsuits, court rulings)

  • Management (management reports, business plans, web pages)

  • Tourism (brochures, city branding campaigns)

  • Economy (researches, publications)

  • Literature (books)


  • Consecutive interpretation in courts

  • Interpretation  during the execution of deeds

  • Interpretation in conferences, business meetings, examinations (Driving Test)


  • Certification of translation by a notary public 

  • Certification of documents - APOSTILLE


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